Ron Mueck’s Intriguing Sculpture

Ron Mueck’s Intriguing Sculpture

I just saw a disturbing and impressive collection of photos of Ron Mueck’s sculptures.
You can view the photos on the One Eyeland website here.

The sculptures are hyper-real snapshots of people, focusing on the vulnerable side of humans. The people depicted in the sculptures are neither beautiful nor confident. They give off a feeling of mild despair and loneliness. All of the details of each human figure are depicted in exact detail, down to the folds of the faces of each character. As an observer, it seemed that this exactitude made me identify strongly with the subjects.
They looked less like sculptures than actual people, frozen in a moment of anguish or thought.
Below is a video showing some highlights of Mueck’s work, including some photos of the process of transporting his huge sculpture pieces.

As you might imagine, Mueck’s studio is a unique place, one that must accommodate unusual demands. The huge pieces of sculpture must be created, manipulated, and moved into place.
You can see a series of photos showing the process here, on Gautier Deblonde’s website.

I admire Mueck’s dedication to sticking with the laborious process of producing such hyper-realistic works, instead of being “seduced” into doing simpler pieces.
Clearly the realistic theme is something Mueck is attached to, and we as viewers gain immensely from these works.

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