Pattern Illustrations and Cityscapes by Luis Alves

Pattern Illustrations and Cityscapes by Luis Alves

I just saw a group of very creative illustrations by Luis Alves, on the Behance Network.

These patterns bring to mind the seventies, afros, and people wearing plaid pants without embarrassment.
The color scheme is both vibrant and earthy, and I definitely felt some influences of Saul Steinberg in Alves’ work.
The cityscapes particularly caught my eye, and reminded me of some of Maurice Sendak’s pieces.
The idea of adding these textures to the city illustrations really gives it a sense of tactile closeness which would otherwise be missing.
I found myself wanting to run my fingers over the screen and touch the drawings, which is unfortunately impossible.

The last drawing in particular was lovely: it includes windowpanes, one of my favorite themes, and the sky looks like a combination of acid trip and post-nuclear explosion scenery.

I hope to see more work from Alves in the future.


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