Graphic Design from Degania Bet– Old Style

Graphic Design from Degania Bet– Old Style

A gem of graphic design peeks out of the basement.

Take a look at the exquisite logo found on an agricultural sprayer from approximately the 1950s.
The boldness of the logo, with its thick black lines was…inspiring.
Why are logos today so afraid to commit to the idea they’re backing? This logo is brash and gorgeous.
The symbols mesh together so well:
The cog (or tractor wheel, depending on how you look at it) starts on the bottom right, and morphs into the towering date palm on the left side.
Machines create beauty, brute strength transforms into majesty.
And in the middle, the name of the kibbutz, Degania Bet, draws the whole image together.
The “Bet” is even the joining element between the cog wheel and the date palm.
The kibbutz itself is the link in the chain between machinery and fruits.

I must say, I’m in awe of this logo.
If you have seen anything that can compete with this diamond, send it my way for my inspiration bulletin board.

The Sprayer

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