Art On the Run

Art On the Run

Just saw an interesting concept…art sold in vending machines (?!)
Basically, the art is sold in many old, retro-style vending machines called “Art-o-mats” that look like they came right out of “The Incredibles”.
You pay money, and out comes art.
You can read more about it on the
Lines and Colors blog.

On the one hand, the concept is creative.
On the other hand, the tendency towards kitsch here is overwhelming.
And what artists are actually contributing their works to such a venture?
I can only imagine that they are people desperate to get their names into the community, and will do anything for a little recognition. It doesn’t seem that money is a big player here.
If the urge to get work from the Art-o-Mat is too much to bear, visit the website here. You can also read more about the history of the idea, find the nearest Art-o-Mat, and submit your works for consideration if you’re interested.


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