Animation of Billy Collins Poem: Exploring Hand-Drawn Design

As a big fan of hand-drawn design, I was pleased to see this video for Billy Collin’s poem “Now and Then”.
The poem speaks for itself. Billy Collins has a style all his own, and it definitely comes across very clearly in this reading.

The animation that accompanies the poem focuses on pen-and-ink, which is a striking medium. When the animation shifts momentarily to modern, bright-colored, computer-style design, the difference is jarring.

I also loved the connection between the poem itself and the medium. The poem discusses a medieval Chinese scribe, and so the scribe’s trade (pen & ink) are used to “act out” the scene.

Generally speaking, I think that the hand drawn feeling gives a really human feeling to the video. To my eye, it feels like the viewer is much more involved when this medium is used. But I must say, I’m prejudiced.
Watch and enjoy.


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